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Franc-maçonnerie et magie

Il y a près d'un an, le 22 juillet 2012, la Jérusalem des Terres Froides a publié un article, Deux textes sur l'astrologie, dont le second texte était issu du livre Where Do Demons Live ? Everything You Wanted to Know About Magic de Frater U.: D.: (Llewellyn, St-Paul-Minnesota, 2010), une compilation de réponses aux lecteurs que cet auteur a écrit en tant que columnist pour la revue Anubis sous le pseudonyme humoristique de Aunt Klara. On retrouve dans cet ouvrage nombre de propos fort intéressants sur les divers aspects de la magie et si ce n'était que de l'administrateur de la JTF, la majeure partie du livre serait recopié ici.

Pour aujourd'hui, la JTF vous présente l'article du livre où notre auteur répond sur la question d'une « Franc-maçonnerie magique » (p.81-85). Certes, les soraliens zozotériques fanatiques hurleront à l'escroquerie et à l'enfumage, d'autant plus que l'auteur signe « frater » avec les trois points caractéristiques (qui, soit dit en passant, n'est pas l'exclusivité de la F-M) mais qu'à cela ne tienne, étant très au courant de l'oeuvre écrite de cet homme (dont il a les livres dans sa bibliothèque), l'administrateur de la JTF lui fait infiniment davantage confiance qu'à la bande de « gobelins » qui tourne autour de Salim Laïbi, qui est si ignorant de ces choses qu'il résume la qabale à de la sorcellerie noire satanique/démoniaque/luciférienne etc.

---Is there a form of Freemasonry that is magically active---

Dear Aunt Klara, Could you please tell me if there is a form of Freemasonry today that is magically active ? I would also appreciate it if you could provide me with a contact address.

Bartholomew M. from D.

My dear Bartholomew,

First of all, I must kindly refuse your request to provide you with an address. There are several reasons for that, including the fact that there really is no current form of Freemasonry that works with magic. Apart from that, it is not my job to provide any type of contact information, which has nothing to do with me trying to be unfriendly, but rather with the fact that magic has always had a bad reputation in the press and those active in this field need to exercise an extreme amount of discretion.

But back to your original question. Many magical orders emerged from exactly this dilemma : that although Freemasonry is a legitimate keeper and preserver of Western magical symbolism and mythology, it has developed into a mere social club with ritualistic and mythical trimmings, to put it nicely. Even today, no one really knows what existed first - Rosicrucianism or Freemasonry. However, one thing is for sure : Rosicrucianism in the ninteenth century held an openly critical opinion of the lack of magical practice within Freemason lodges. This was not enought, though, for contemporaries such as Eliphas Lévi and S.L. "MacGregor" Mathers; thus, various magical lodges and orders were created that did indeed, like it or not, contain elements of Freemasonry, but considered themselves above all to be practical executioners of the "old knowledge" that Freemasonry allegedly was preserving.

But now Freemasonry is a huge movement, and it would surely be unfair to lump all of its various lodges together. As is so often the case, we need to differentiate here between official doctrine and private practice. The official representatives of Freemasonry will usually get quite pale in the face if you link them in any way to esotericism or -horribile dictu- magic. Once when I tried asking a Belgian Freemason about his relationship to mysticism, all of a sudden the guy had no idea what I was talking about ! It was utterly incomprehensible to him that I could see a connection between Freemasonry and mysticism or the pursuit of transcendance. Well, the guy belonged to the obedience of the Grand Orient of Paris, which is known for having a strong atheistic attitude. But it is not much different with the "Ancient Scots". There you at least have to believe in God, although that certainly does not make it magical.

On the other hand, I know many Freemasons who have made the conscious choice to be magicians as well, and I know for example that Freemasonry in Austria is beginning to sow its first esoteric or magival seeds, which is no wonder considering the growing interest that younger members are showing in such things. However, I am not aware of any (regular) lodge that does any kind of magical work in the least. So whoever is blinded by the nimbus of the ancient venerableness that Freemasonry undoubtedly has, in the attemps to find any kind of knowledge of practical magic there, the search will be vain. Of course, there is always the chance that you might run into a certain FM brother who is interested in such things, but you probably shouldn't tell the world about it, since the high-ranking leaders will most likely not approve.

It is a bit different in so-called "irregular" Freemasonry, however. Above all, the Rite of Memphis-Misraim should be mentioned here, of which even Aleister Crowley was a member. But I cannot really say for sure whether or not there is really more action there than in other Masonic lodges.

In any case, what we consider to be "magical work" is merely a matter of definition anyway, and varies according to individual conceptions and expectations. While one person might get all weak in the knees just by lighting a candle and muttering the mantra Om, another might be bored at a Black Mass and yearn for some stronger stuff. Ceremonies alone do not make something magic. Surely the average Freemason experiences a number of rituals throughout his life that would make the more sensitive among us tremble in our boots ; however, these are not done specifically to influence the way of things, but rather at most to create or open up certain states of consciousness and levels of development. There may be a few souls out there who truly appreciate such things. But beyond that, Freemasonry is hardly more than what its magical critics accuse it of being.

Even if my answer may be a bit frustrating to you, I hope I was able to help you nonetheless. I will keep swinging my trowel for you...

Your Aunt Klara

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