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Comment fonctionne un sortilège de mort

Bonjour ! Un bon nombre de personnes considèrent la Jérusalem des Terres Froides comme étant d'essence « satanique » car elle y défend la religion vaudou, Aleister Crowley, l'Union Soviétique de l'époque de Staline et bien sûr, le crime au-dessus de tous les autres crimes, avoir dénoncé Alain Soral comme étant une effroyable imposture. Donc pour quelqu'un comme Salim Laïbi, votre serviteur est un sinistre individu qui doit « être éradiqué », qui doit « être passé au chalumeau » pour « mourir de la pire des manières, et vite », quelqu'un qui, assurément, doit avoir un lien avec les plus sordides trafics d'enfants puisqu'il a défendu l'égorgeur de poulets Jean-Paul Bourre et qu'il s'est opposé à LA GRANDE HISTORIENNE Marion Sigaut lorsqu'elle a dévoilée la « vraie nature des Templiers » (sans compter qu'il a vu les vidéos de « Quequette »).

Étant ainsi condamné aux pires tourments à sa mort et pour l'éternité, le responsable de ce site considère qu'il n'a plus rien à perdre. Même mieux, il va tout dévoiler afin que Salim Laïbi puisse se constituer aisément un Malleus Maleficarum du 21ième siècle qui sera vendu au public via sa maison d'édition diffusée par Kontre-Kulture. Ayant ouvert un compte-Youtube sous le nom « lesarchivesdusorcier », après avoir partagé une série radiophonique sur la sorcellerie, votre serviteur va vous révéler les aspects les plus noirs de la magie, les arcanes les plus ténébreuses, digne du Bohemian Grove et des Georgia Guidestones.

Aujourd'hui : Comment fonctionne un sortilège de mort. La Jérusalem des Terres Froides vous présente ici un nouvel extrait du livre Where do Demons Live ? de « Frater U.'. D.'. » (p.61-64), avec une belle signature en trois points pour faire hurler la bien-pensance zozotérique soralienne.

---How does a death spell work ?---

Dear Aunt Klara, How does a death spell actually work ?

Verene P. from D.

My dear Verena

That is something you do not ask about in public ! What will the neighbors think of us ?

But seriously now : there is no such thing as an "ultimate" death spell, and if you are looking for a patented recipe here, I am sorry to disappoint you.

To experts it is no secret that death spells are among the most difficult types of magical undertakings of all. And there is a good reason for that. A death spell is directed at the primeval source of the target person's magical power - namely, that person's survival instinct. There is no better protection than that ; after all, this survival instinct makes life as we know it possible in the first place. We can safely do away with the old, pseudo-enlightened claim that death spells only work if the victim is informed about them. That may be a fin, reassuring placebo theory for esoteric softies, but not for grim coffee-sipping aunts like us who meet on a daily basis to pleasurably poke voodoo dolls with our knitting needles.

There are plenty of successful cases in which the victim has absolutely no idea what powers have been released so suddenly and specifically. Of course, I do not want to entirely eliminate the possibility that it sometimes works this way. In fact, it really is often a lot easier for the magician when the target person's beliefs just take care of the rest after a dramatic death announcement is made. And since magicians are notoriously lazy people, they are often satisfied with just that - although the professional skeptics among us will conclude that this is exactly what it's all about.

But now I would like to reveal something to you, my dear evil little Verena (because you obviously have a personal interest in the subject, which the feigned neutral wording of your question reveals) : almost all magical attacks are targeted at the victim's immune system. (No, no, no... please do not bring AIDS into the picture here. That really has nothing to do with it !) This is quite logical, because once the immune system is weakened, even the smallest, most seemingly harmless bacterium can become a potential ally of the attacker. Magical operations that aim at the weakening the victim's aura, spells to cause confusion and desintegration, and of course, the ever-so-popular car-crash magic - all of these techniques are used by magical villains to knock off members of the black list : rich aunts (no, I am not, so don't even try), mothers-in-law, spouses, rivals, bosses, teachers, lawyers, judges, neighbors, and even unloved pets.

But never fear. Only on rare occasions are death spells truly deadly. The victim's inner resistance (the Master Therion might say the person's True Will) is usually much too strong. But there are worse things than death anyway : for exemple, life as a zombie.

At this point, I need to warn you against the widespread opinion that all "black magic" will automatically bouce back to the initiator sooner or later. Unfortunately - or luckily ? - there is no such automatic mechanism, no such cosmic motherly regeneration process. No, there are other ways to protect yourself from a death spell - but that was not what you asked, was it ?

So I would like to wrap this up now with sappy, sweet greetings. The best of luck to you - whatever that might mean !

Yours, Aunt Klara

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