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Est-ce que le « vrai » satanisme existe ?

Tel qu'indiqué à l'article précédent, Comment fonctionne un sortilège de mort, le responsable de la Jérusalem des Terres Froides poursuit son oeuvre de « divulgation du satanisme » afin d'aider Salim Laïbi et Marion Sigaut à pouvoir rédiger un Malleus Maleficarum 2.0. Avant c'était le duo Sprenger/Institoris ? Maintenant c'est Laïbi/Sigaut et gare à qui les contestent car ce ne saurait être autre chose que des gens impliqués dans les trafics d'enfants à la Dutroux (surtout que la dernière affirme « sentir ces choses-là »).

Aujourd'hui, l'infâme Charles Tremblay vous reviens avec un nouveau propos du « très saTÂNique » Frater U.'. D.'. qui, pour empirer les choses, vit actuellement en Belgique, le même pays que Marc Dutroux (ce qui est amplement suffisant pour que « le bon docteur » fasse le lien entre les deux et résume le tout avec son mot-fétiche : dégénérés). Et comme si ce n'était pas suffisant, cet extrait parle du « vrai » satanisme avec une définition de la question qui ne va pas dans le sens des « très divins » zozotériques soraliens ; sur des preuves aussi accablantes, il est assuré aux yeux des adeptes du « mystique authentique » que l'auteur de ces lignes fait partie de ce qu'il y a de plus bas dans l'humanité. Quoiqu'il en soit, votre serviteur arrive à vivre avec et persiste. Ce qui suit sont les pages 95 à 100 du même « recueil de maléfices », Where do Demons Live ? Everything You Want to Know About Magic ? Que les soraliens qui se disent « anti-Système » méditent la toute dernière phrase de ce texte ; ils ne pourront pas dire qu'ils n'ont pas été avertis.

---Do "true" Satanist really exist ?---

Aunt Klara, help ! No matter what newspaper I open up, or what magazine I page through, everywhere I see headlines such as "Juveniles in the claws of Satanist," "Satanic cults in school," and "Black Mass held during lunch break." I have the vague feeling that such scandal-mongering journalism is throwing a whole bunch of different things together into one pot. Is there really such a thing as Satanists anyway ? Can you help ?

Elfriede H. from B.

Dear Elfriede

Sigh, that's what I was afraid of ! Well, well, my dear, many a poor old witch has asked this question herself : is there even such a thing as Satanism ? But first a few words about the current media hype. It certainly is possible that séances are sometimes held at schools, with table-rapping, automatic writing, and other types of spirit conjuration, but most incidents are probably meant more as a joke. Of course, sensationalist journalism loves things like that and publishes them big. Then dear little children everywhere are approached by their parents about these horrible fairy tales ("Do you have things like that at your school, too, dear ?") and think to themselves, "That's an awesome idea ! We should try that out !"

Do not accuse me of playing the situation down, through. After all, the theory that so-called "juvenile Satanism" is being systematically hyped by the media was recently confirmed to me by a religious-cult advisor who, by the way, takes the whole thing a lot less seriously than a vehement atheist of a more rationalistic nature might do.

But in reality, dear Elfriede, you are actually looking for "true," "genuine" Satanists who have truly earned their reputation, right ? This boils down to a problem of definition, through. Because what one person defines as Satanism, another might call spiritual Christianity. In this sense, extremists in the church hierarchy have sometimes gone so far as to claim that Transcendantal Meditation is Satanic, and some Christians fundamentalists thinks that everything that lies outside the vision field of their pious blinders is the devil's work. And wasn't the image of the devil invented by the church hierarchy in the first place ? Oh, how wistful my little sorceress heart becomes when I think about what they did to our good ole Pan ! And how they had to erect their chapels and cathedrals right on top of the sites that were previously used by other "devilish" cults to perform their "dirty little deeds." One can never please such simple souls, and you want to define Satanism like that, then there are of course plenty of Satanists out there.

But how do those people who consider themselves to be true Satanists view this ? Well, since you don't run into them every afternoon at your favorite café, we are forced to fall back on the various forms of literature. Satanism is often defined as a form of reversed Catholicism. And indeed this may have applied for the most part to salon Satanists of the late nineteenth century. Inversion is a typical characteristic of this, known back then as a "reversal of values," which Nietzsche popularized into a mega cultural topic. But this is always defined through a love-hate relationship with the dreadful model of the Catholic Church. For example, the notorious Black Mass is usually nothing more than the inversion of the Catholic High Mass. Whether the Our Father is said backwards (although I have never run into anyone who has seriously practiced such a perfect example of this nonsense), whether crosses are worn upside down, or whether the Holy Communion is desecrated by substituting it with excrement or urine - each of these would be impossible without immediate references being made to the Catholic Church. This includes the common belief in many so-called "Satanic" circles that, in order for it to be effective, the Black Mass may only be performed by a former Catholic priest who turned disloyal or was suspended.

With the key word inversion, we have already identified the basic principle of Satanism fairly well. After all, there is a good reason why Satan is known as "the spirit that ever denies." In this sense, he is the necessary complement to or antagonist of the good God of creation that we are familiar with in a deistic or monotheistic world view. Wasn't it Lucifer who once proclaimed, "Non serviam !" ?

Pete Carroll and Frater U.'. D.'. have often pointed out that a Black Mass held in modern times should actually contain entirely different elements instead of just trying to break down ancient, crumbling doors that have already been wide open for a good hundred years in the first place. In this sense, magicians described as Satanists should be less concerned with turning Christian symbols of martyrdom upside down and more concerned with slamming a brick into the television set during the international soccer finals. They should recite stock market prices and weather forecasts backwards instead of attacking the Bible, which they probably know virtually nothing about anyway. What I just said about the Black Mass applies, of course, mutatis mutandis, to Satanism as a whole.

But the true magician wants a whole lot more. Since his or her real concern is always just magic and power, which can be more loosely defined as "efficiency," the magician is never satisfied with confirming the existing world order by provoking it. That only causes a stalemate instead of dissolving something, as every revolution has always proved over and over again. But when the spirit of opposition is taken one step further, its tender roots will soon wrap around solid rocks. Then the magician is no longer satisfied with things such as gravity or the complicated process of metabolism. Not that these and other such things have already been mastered, but at least one never stops trying to do so. In this sense, the magician can never really be anything other than a "Satanist" if he or she accordingly wants to assume sole control of his or her life and what we refer to as destiny. The fact that this has nothing at all to do with the Satanism that we hear about in the media should be obvious. In the same way, such Satanists also have nothing at all to do with magic ; after all, their persistent hate and rejection of orthodox systems only serves in making these systems even more powerful, thus achieving just the opposite of their original intentions.

With jet-black greetings,
Your Aunt Klara

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