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Où vivent les démons ?

Il est bien connu que le « satanisme » est en principe la singerie de Dieu, son imitation grotesque. Puisqu'on parle dans le christianisme d'une « sainte-trinité », il doit donc forcément y avoir une « trinité infernal », l'un étant un triangle pointé vers le haut et l'autre vers le bas. Puisque la Jérusalem des Terres Froides est en pleine révélation « saTÂNique » pour permettre au duo Salim Laïbi/Marion Sigaut la rédaction d'un Malleus Maleficarum du 21ième siècle, elle se devait de respecter ce principe trinitaire et d'y aller avec trois « révélations ». La première fut Comment fonctionne un sortilège de mort, la seconde Est-ce que le « vrai » satanisme existe ? et maintenant la troisième mais non la moindre, Où vivent les démons ? Cette dernière est l'extrait qui a donné son nom au livre infâme de Frater U.'. D.'. cité aux trois articles, Where do Demons Live ? (Llewellyn, USA, 2010). Il s'agit ici de la reproduction fidèle des pages 45 à 48.

Cette fois-ci, c'est plus sérieux car l'auteur aborde directement la question des évocations en goétie, un sujet dont Salim Laïbi ignore tout mais qu'il croit connaître et qui doit probablement enflammer son imaginaire grouillant de « mages noires maçonniques kabbalistes "frankistes" à sacrifices d'enfants financés par Rothschild et Rockefeller ». Laïbi et Sigaut voulaient une « preuve hors de tout doute » que Charles Tremblay est un « saTÂNique dégénéré », voilà la plus solide qu'ils puissent disposer. Là, c'est sûr, l'âme du responsable de ce site va connaître les pires souffrances de l'enfer pour l'éternité pendant que les soraliens seront au Paradis...

---Where do demons live ?---

Dear Aunt Klara, One question has been bothering me for years - to be more specific, ever since I began experimenting with evocations. Where do demons live ?

Petra H. from Z.

Dear Petra,

Oh boy, did you catch me off guard with that one ! Hmm, where do they live ? After several sleepless nights, I finally realized that this question is not as strange, trite, or ven funny as it first seems. You are probably hinting at the endless debate between animists and spiritists that still gets people (e.g. parapsychologists) quite worked up. The animists believe that demons (and all other "seemingly transcendantal beings") are actually psychological projections, meaning that they originate within the magician himself or herself.

On the other hand, the spiritists claim that demons are real, self-sufficient entities that would exist even without our help. According to the animists, then, these flaky lads reside in your own soul, whereas the spiritists insist that they live in the astral world (or a similar place ; the different levels of the various systems are so numerous that it's hard to keep track of them all). Neither group can scientifically prove its position, nor can either group disprove the position of the other. So, again, it is merely a question of how one views his or her own universe from an objective standpoint. Since a true modern magician is continually training his or her ability to smoothly shift from one paradigm to another, it doesn't matter much how things "really" are, especially considering the fact that the word real does not hold much value. If you would like a pragmatic approach, however, I can recommend the following :

Only view demons as real, existing beings when you are performing evocations (for example, when summoning demons to appear in a triangle you have created) ; at all other times, consider them to be merely an aspect of yourself. This method had three advantages : (a) when not performing ritual work, you are not susceptible to the pranks that these little devils like to play ; (b) it ensures that demons will manifest more easily during your ritual work with the circle and triangle ; (c) you will be training yourself to think flexibly, thus enabling a fast shift from one paradigm to another.

However, if you feel that you can ignore my advice, then I can only say the following : if you really do conjure a demon and it manifests, it always feels like a real, autonomous being, regardless of what your common sense might have to say about it. Admittedly, an experience like that will probably make you tremble in your robe, and the energy produced by fear is exactly what makes such manifestation possible in the first place. But if a demon appears and you think, "Ha ! You are nothing but a projection of the dark side of my soul" and you feel incredibly clever in doing so, just like C.G. Jung himself, then that is nothing but foolishness - and you are obviously much more interested in supporting your intellectual concept than having a true demonic experience. Maybe you are just scared ? After all, demons are not the kind of guys that a sensible aunt would want to have at her tea party. Explaining your way out of things may work to banish them, but it will not eliminate their existence entirely.

With a demonc grin,
Aunt Klara

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